Fire And Ice (2023) #2


Fire And Ice (2023) #2

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Writer: Bill Willingham

Artist: Leonardo Manco

Cover Artist: Joseph Michael Linsner

To save Darah and Teegra, Darkwolf faces off against the witch Roliel's son, Otwa, in a deadly duel to the death.

At Icepeak, Juliana discovers her beloved son Kaledan has been murdered, and Nekron blames it on assassins from the Fire Realm.

Now any chance at peacefully resolving the conflict between Fire and Ice has died with Kaledan.

"Open all the vaults and release terror on our foes!" commands Juliana.

At Fire Keep, King Jarol convenes a war summit with the leaders of all the free peoples - but is it too little, too late?

Find out in Fire and Ice #2 from acclaimed writer BILL WILLINGHAM (Fables, Legenderry) and artist LEONARDO MANCO (Hellstorm: Prince of Lies, Blaze of Glory)!

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