Star Trek (2022) #13

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Star Trek (2022) #13

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$4.49 $4.99 -11% OFF
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Writer: Collin Kelly

Artist: Jackson Lanzing

Cover Artist: Marcus To

Arc three of the acclaimed Star Trek ongoing series starts here!

Captain Benjamin Sisko’s quest to defeat the killer of gods is at an end, and the Prophets beckon him home to the Celestial Temple.

He’s earned his rest, but when Starfleet requests his help to stop a familiar foe, the Tzenkethi Coalition, from launching the largest fleet in their history, Sisko and the Theseus’ crew set out to once again save the galaxy.

But there’s a reason this species of spiritually rich, reptilian lizard birds has twice defeated Starfleet in battle.

They’re xenophobic, ruthless, and innovative...and confronting them on their home turf, a planet thought to be an organism itself, is as good a death sentence as any.

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