Fire & Ice: Welcome To Smallville (2023) #2

$3.59 $3.99 -11% OFF

Fire & Ice: Welcome To Smallville (2023) #2

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$3.59 $3.99 -11% OFF
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Writer: Joanne Starer

Artist: Natacha Bustos

Cover Artist: Terry Dodson


What's a Smallville fight club without any fighters?

While Ice discovers the magic of community heroism--no superpowers required--Fire's latest scheme to restore their former glory brings Ambush Bug(?!) to town, but their violent attempts at viral fame go unnoticed by the world.

Could a chance encounter with Smallville's hottest bartender show Fire the light?

Or will the sparks that fly between them burn the town to the ground?

It's Fire we're talking about, so...probably the latter?

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