UPDATE: Pre-Order Changes

Due to the increase shipping delays that are impacting industries worldwide, we are trying to implement some changes to our pre-order process.

We use Shopify for our website and for our payment capture. Shopify requires all payments due within 7 days of an order being placed. As inventory has been taking longer and longer to arrive, we have felt the frustration on not receiving what we have ordered for the store. We have felt your frustration that you have paid for an item and the item has not arrived during the timeframe we were told that it would.

We are turning off pre-orders while we implement a few changes. These are the changes you can expect when we turn the pre-orders back on:

1st) All pre-order items will show a price of $0.00 and Free Shipping. This way you are not paying for the item upfront.

2nd) Once the item PHYSICALLY ARRIVES at our store, we will then email you an invoice for the item you pre-ordered. The invoice will have the accurate price and shipping costs based on the address you provided.

3rd) We will hold your item for 7 days while we wait for you to pay the invoice. After 7 days the item will become available for anyone to purchase. You may still pay your invoice and receive the item as long as it is available.

4th) Once we have received payment from the invoice, we will package and ship the item to you. You will receive tracking information when we print the shipping label.



We will still be doing up to 35% Off on your pre-order. The discount will vary depending on the item that you are purchasing.

For any questions please email us at customer.service@blackdragoncomics.com

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