Batman/Spawn: The Deluxe Edition Hardcover
DC Comics
Batman/Spawn: The Deluxe Edition Hardcover €15,95
Written by Todd McFarlane, Frank Miller, Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, and Alan Grant Two of comics' darkest characters cross paths again in the most anticipated comics event of the decade! Batman and Spawn are two vigilantes of the night who avenge the innocent by their own methods. When sinister forces manipulate the Dark Knight and the Hellspawn into confronting each other, you can bet that there'll be hell to pay when our heroes discover the truth and turn the tables on their would-be puppeteers. This deluxe edition of the blockbuster event features the 2022 Batman/Spawn one-shot; 1994's Batman/Spawn: War Devil #1 and Spawn/Batman #1; and a gallery of behind-the-scenes art from the new story and the original tales from the '90s.
Spawn Origins Trade Paperback Vol. 1
Image Comics
Spawn Origins Trade Paperback Vol. 1 €5,95
Featuring remastered cover art from creator TODD McFARLANE, SPAWN: ORIGINS, VOL. 1 reprints the stories and artwork that laid the groundwork for the most successful independent comic book ever published, including the introduction Spawn himself, and a number of other memorable and menacing characters. Collects SPAWN #1-6.
Gunslinger Spawn TPB Volume 01
Image Comics
Gunslinger Spawn TPB Volume 01 €5,95
Gunslinger Spawn is a man out of time, lost in the future and in search of a way back to his past. He has many scores to settle with those who've done him wrong, but after he's thrown headfirst into a far greater conflict-one concerning the fate of humanity-he finds his revenge might just have to wait for a bit. Collects GUNSLINGER SPAWN #1-6
BRZRKR TPB Volume 01
Boom! Studios
BRZRKR TPB Volume 01 €8,95
A WAR WITH NO END, A MAN WITH NO LIMITS. The man known only as B. is half-mortal and half-God, cursed and compelled to violence...even at the sacrifice of his sanity.   But after centuries, B. may have finally found a refuge - working for the U.S. government to fight the battles too violent and too dangerous for anyone else. In exchange, B. will be granted the one thing he desires: the truth about his endless blood-soaked existence...and how to end it. Keanu Reeves makes his comic book writing debut alongside New York Times bestselling co-writer Matt Kindt (Folklords, Grass Kings) and acclaimed artist Ron Garney (Juggernaut) in a brutally violent new series about one immortal warrior's fight through the ages. Collects BRZRKR #1-4. MATURE READERS
She-Hulk By Rainbow Rowell TPB Volume 01 Jen Again
Marvel Comics
She-Hulk By Rainbow Rowell TPB Volume 01 Jen Again €8,95
Smashing new adventures starring the best character ever! Jennifer Walters, the Sensational She-Hulk, is no longer savage - and now she needs to put her life back together. She's got a legal career to rebuild, friends to reacquaint herself with (and maybe represent in a court of law) and enemies to...well, she may not want to connect with them, but they are definitely going to connect with her. And Jen is about to be sent down a road she's never traveled - one that will shake up her life...and possibly the whole Marvel Universe! One of the most dangerous things ever to exist lands in She-Hulk's lap, and she's got to figure out what the heck to do with it. Good luck with that, Jen! And with...Super Fight Club?! Collecting SHE-HULK (2022) #1-5. Rated T+
The Circuit Graphic Novel
Clarion Books
The Circuit Graphic Novel €15,95
Poignantly told from a young boy's perspective, the popular and award-winning memoir centered on a Mexican family working California's fields is now a powerful graphic novel. An honest and evocative account of a family's journey from Mexico to the fields of California-and to a life of backbreaking work and constant household moves-as seen through the eyes of a boy who longs for education and the right to call one place home.
Ghost Rider Volume. 4: Rite Of Passage
Marvel Comics
Ghost Rider Volume. 4: Rite Of Passage €16,95
Talia's mysterious, messy past revealed! Johnny Blaze has been traveling with the brilliant hedge witch Talia Warroad - but how well does he really know her? He's about to find out! Talia's past, her furious first spells and more are all about to be come to light. How was her life set on a collision course with the Spirit of Vengeance? What happens when the Cult of Mephisto wants a piece of Talia's magical gifts? And what will they do when they find out the Ghost Rider is her partner? As our duo hit the road in pursuit of the cult, they discover a town emptied of adults - and must solve the mystery of the children left behind and how it connects to Talia's own childhood! Collecting GHOST RIDER (2022) #18-19, #20 (A STORY) and #21; and GHOST RIDER ANNUAL (2023) #1. Rated T+
Limited Collectors' Edition (1972) #C-51 Facsimile Edition Limited Collectors' Edition (1972) #C-51 Facsimile Edition
DC Comics
Limited Collectors' Edition (1972) #C-51 Facsimile Edition €14,95
Presenting 76 pages of epic adventure starring the Dark Knight Detective in an equally epic giant-size (10 x 13) format! This full facsimile reprinting of the iconic Bronze Age tabloid-size comic features a wraparound cover by Neal Adams and collects the Ra's al Ghul saga Neal (and Irv Novick) produced with Denny O'Neil (Batman #232, #242-244).
Dog Man Graphic Novel Volume 12 Scarlet Shedder
Dog Man Graphic Novel Volume 12 Scarlet Shedder €14,95
Our canine superhero returns in Dog Man: The Scarlet Shedder, the suspenseful and hilarious twelfth graphic novel in the #1 worldwide bestselling series by award-winning author and illustrator Dav Pilkey! P.U.! Dog Man got sprayed by a skunk! After being dunked in tomato juice, the stink is gone but the scarlet red color remains. Now exiled, this spunky superhero must struggle to save the citizens who shunned him! Will the ends justify the means for Petey, who's reluctantly pulled back into a life of crime in order to help Dog Man? And who will step forward when an all-new, never-before-seen villain unleashes an army of A.I. robots?
Elektra: Black, White & Blood Trade Paperback
Marvel Comics
Elektra: Black, White & Blood Trade Paperback from €4,95
Elektra walks the line between good and evil - with style! It's an undisputed fact: Trained by both the vicious Hand and the benevolent Chaste, Elektra Natchios is the best assassin in the Marvel Universe! And a murderers' row of all-star Marvel creators are here to present the proof, in glorious black and white…with lashings of blood! A dozen astonishing tales set throughout her long and lethal life illustrate her fighting skills, ninja training and sheer determination! From the mean streets of Hell's Kitchen to the seedy back alleys of Madripoor - and even farther afield - prepare to see Elektra in a whole new light…taking on ninja, vampires and worse! Collecting ELEKTRA: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD #1-4.
Marvel's Voices TPB Pride
Marvel Comics
Marvel's Voices TPB Pride €12,95
Marvel Comics is proud to present its first ever queer-centered collection! An amazing assembly of creators from all walks of life unites to tackle Marvel's LGBTQIA+ icons, including Wiccan and Hulkling! Iceman! Mystique and Destiny! Karma! Daken! Nico Minoru and Karolina Dean! Celebrate these and so many more legendary characters as both new and fan-favorite creators tell their Pride stories - tales of inspiration and empowerment that illustrate "the world outside your window" in full color! Plus: The wedding of Northstar and Kyle Jinadu! The honeymoon of Hulkling and Wiccan! The awesomeness of America Chavez! The debut of "Captain America of the Railways," Aaron Fischer! And more! Collecting MARVEL'S VOICES: PRIDE, INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) #240, ASTONISHING X-MEN (2004) #51, KING IN BLACK: WICCAN AND HULKLING, AMERICA CHAVEZ: MADE IN THE USA #1 and material from MARVEL'S VOICES #1 and UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA #1. Rated T+
Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Volume One
DC Comics
Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Volume One €7,95
Being a father can't be harder than being Batman, right? Batman needs a break. But with new vigilante Duke Thomas moving into Wayne Manor and an endless supply of adopted, fostered, and biological superhero children to manage, Bruce Wayne is going to have his hands full. Being a father can't be harder than being Batman, right?
Sold out
The Avengers: War Across Time TP
Marvel Comics
The Avengers: War Across Time TP €16,95
Collects Avengers: War Across Time (2023) #1-5. Journey back to the Avengers' earliest days! Eisner Hall of Famer Paul Levitz, known for his storied career at DC Comics, writes his first-ever Marvel story - a love letter to Avengers history - together with fellow superstar Alan Davis! Kang the Conqueror has targeted the classic Avengers team in a showdown that will span centuries - but what will Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, the Wasp and Giant-Man learn about the team's future? From battling the Hulk on the streets of NYC and invading the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building to facing the menaces of the Asgardian dwarves and the Lava Men, Earth's Mightiest Heroes must field every threat Kang throws their way - but despite their courage and heroism, will they ultimately be lost to the swirling mists of time?
Bloodborne: Lady Of Lanterns Volume 01
Titan Comics
Bloodborne: Lady Of Lanterns Volume 01 €9,95
BASED ON THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED GOTHIC GAMING HIT, BLOODBORNE! Enter the city of Yharnam through the eyes of its citizens, when new hunters take to the streets to fight against the cruel and unusual epidemic that has gripped the city. In the black of the night, families and faith will be tested... Collects #1-4 of Bloodborne: Lady of the Lanterns, plus, FCBD strip! MATURE READERS
We Have Demons TP
Dark Horse Comics
We Have Demons TP €10,95
Since the very dawn of man, legends have been told of the conflict between angel and demon-kind. Lam Lyle, a woman of science, dismissed these stories as just that-fiction. But when the loss of a loved one leads to the discovery of a hulking, benevolent demon named Hellvis, Lam realizes that her life is about to undergo a dire new direction. With a newfound partner and awesome powers now at her disposal, our hero suddenly finds herself thrust into a climactic war of good and evil with no less than the fate of the world hanging in the balance . . .From comic-book superstars Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo (Batman, Batman: Last Knight on Earth, Dark Nights: Metal & Death Metal) comes a new blockbuster series of biblical proportions.Collects the three-issue miniseries, plus never-before-seen sketch material and original scripts. MATURE READERS
Angel (2022) TPB Volume 02
Boom! Studios
Angel (2022) TPB Volume 02 €8,95
Balancing his double life as a burgeoning actor and a supernatural detective is hard enough for Angel, but a sinister doppelganger prowls the night...Meanwhile, Spike and Cordelia deal with their showbiz struggles, while Angel has to give up something huge to save his own life.He'll need help, with the new but familiar threats from the multiverse promising to tear Angel Investigations apart!Fan favorite writer Christopher Cantwell (Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi) and Russ Manning Award Nominated artist Daniel Bayliss (Firefly) wrap up this new corner of the Slayerverse!Collects Angel #5-8.
She-Hulk by Charles Soule & Javier Pulido: Complete Collection
Marvel Comics
She-Hulk by Charles Soule & Javier Pulido: Complete Collection €18,95
Writer Charles Soule brings his legal expertise to Jennifer Walters, attorney at law - A.K.A. the Sensational She-Hulk! With a solo law practice, a new paralegal who is far more than she seems and a mounting number of enemies, Jen might have bitten off more than she can chew! Especially with clients like Kristoff Vernard, son of Doctor Doom - and Captain America himself! Meanwhile, She-Hulk and Hellcat must uncover the deeply buried conspiracy found in the mysterious Blue File! And when someone important to Jen is killed, she won't let it stand - but who can she trust? Giant-Man lends a big hand - and She-Hulk takes on Matt Murdock in the Marvel trial of the century! Plus: Titania! Deadpool! And will She-Hulk's holiday party spell the end of her practice? Collecting SHE-HULK (2014) #1-12, WOLVERINES #13 and material from GWENPOOL SPECIAL #1. Rated T+
Punderworld Tp Vol 01
Image Comics
Punderworld Trade Paperback Vol. 01 €8,95
(W) Linda Sejic (A/CA) Linda Sejic Hades and Persephone's love-struck misadventures! The classic tale of Greek mythology, but 100 percent more awkwardly relatable. Hades is the officious, antisocial ruler of the Underworld. Persephone, daughter of Demeter, is an earth goddess of growth and renewal - they've been crushing on each other for the past two centuries. But when a festival (and a little liquid courage) present an opportunity to put an end to their Olympian will-they-won't-they, a meddlesome pantheon and several titanic mis-assumptions threaten to give every god in the sky the wrong impression... and leave their romance dead before it can bloom. In Shops: Aug 25, 2021
The Disney Afternoon Adventures Vol. 4: Adventures Of The Gummi Bears: A New Beginning
Fantagraphics Books
The Disney Afternoon Adventures Vol. 4: Adventures Of The Gummi Bears: A New Beginning €32,95
From Disney Adventures and its Gen-X sister magazines come tales of epic thrills and chills! In “A New Beginning,” find out how the Gummi Bears first forged an uneasy alliance with humans to defend the land of Dunwyn from evil Duke Igthorn, his stinky ogres, and his devastating giant catapult! In “The Legend of Silverhorn,” Chip ’n Dale and the Rescue Rangers follow a shipwrecked sailor into a world of high-seas piracy. Then, in DuckTales’ “The Arcadian Urn,” Scrooge McDuck and the gang find a lost world of ancient Greeks… and Donald Duck and Launchpad face off with a city-stomping kaiju! Plus Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin and more!
Tater Tales: The King Of The World!
Simon & Schuster
Tater Tales: The King Of The World! €12,95
Rot is ready for another adventure and this time he's going 'Spudlunking!' But while Rot is excited to dig through the muck for treasure, all his friends seem to be more interested in their own plans. When Rot uncovers a shiny old crown, he's sure it'll change their minds. And it does in a most unexpected way. When Rot wears it he feels powerful He feels invincible He feels like the King of the World! And everyone has to do what the king says. But when Rot realizes he's the only one having fun in his kingdom, suddenly he wonders whether he might have let the crown go to his head!
I Survived: The Battle Of D-Day, 1944
Scholastic Corporation
I Survived: The Battle Of D-Day, 1944 €12,95
A BATTLE THAT CHANGES THE COURSE OF THE WAR... PAUL COLBERT'S French village has been under Nazi control for years. His Jewish best friend has disappeared. Food is scarce. And there doesn't seem to be anything Paul can do to make things better. Then Paul finds an American paratrooper stuck in a tree. When Paul helps the soldier, he discovers a secret resistance movement - and he learns the Allies have a plan to crush the Nazis. But first, the resistance needs Paul's help. This is Paul's chance to make a difference. Soon he finds himself in the midst of the largest invasion in history. Can he do his part to turn horror into hope? LAUREN TARSHIS'S New York Times bestselling I SURVIVED series comes to vivid life in this powerful graphic novel edition.
The Adventure Of The Bailey School Kids Volume 04: Dragons Don't Cook Pizza
Scholastic Corporation
The Adventure Of The Bailey School Kids Volume 04: Dragons Don't Cook Pizza €7,95
There may-or may not-be a dragon in the pizzeria in this funny and spooky series from Graphix Chapters. When the Bailey School Kids visit Jewel's Pizza Castle, they think they're in for just a regular pizza party, despite the fun medieval decor. But when they see smoke and hear roars coming from the kitchen, they wonder what's going on. Could Sir George be keeping a dragon there? Graphix Chapters are ideal books for beginning and newly independent readers aged 6-8.
Science Comics: Elephants Living Large Hardcover Graphic Novel
First Second Books
Science Comics: Elephants Living Large Hardcover Graphic Novel €20,95
Have you herd? Science Comics: Elephants is the next volume in First Second's middle-grade nonfiction STEM series! There's a lot to love about elephants-from their massive size and floppy ears to their twisting trunks and long tusks! And the more you get to know about their clever minds and caring hearts, the more you realize humans and elephants have much in common! In this volume of Science Comics, we follow an eight-year-old elephant named Duni. Her family means everything to her: protection, stability, wisdom, and a ton of fun. But her idyllic life is beginning to shift and crack. The herd's matriarch is getting older, her brother has been wandering off, and rifts are forming between the ones she loves most. Is Duni's family on the verge of falling apart?
Blue Stars: Mission One: The Vice Principal Problem: A Graphic Novel
Candlewick Press
Blue Stars: Mission One: The Vice Principal Problem: A Graphic Novel €12,95
Two everyday superheroes set out to save the world—starting with their school—in an exciting new middle-grade graphic series from two award-winning authors and a debut illustrator. When cousins Riley Halfmoon and Maya Dawn move to Urbanopolis to live with their activist grandma, they get off to a rocky start. Outgoing Riley misses her Muscogee cousins but is sure that she and Maya will be instant BFFs. Meanwhile, introvert Maya misses her parents, on active duty in Japan, and just wants some space to herself. At school, Maya joins Robotics Club and Riley bonds with fellow gymnasts. Just when they start to feel at home, their school culture is threatened by an influential foe in disguise. Joining student council feels like a way to help, so both cousins toss their hats in the ring for sixth-grade class president. But when they realize what they’re up against—money, power, and lies—they quickly shift from competition to cooperation, joining forces as superheroes. Riley is savvy with people; Maya is a whiz with gadgets. In no time, this dazzling duo is off to save the day! Relatable and rich in themes of family, community, and compromise, the Blue Stars series will entertain and empower, inspiring readers to be the stars they are.
Big Nate: This Means War!
Andrews McMeel Publishing
Big Nate: This Means War! €12,95
Big Nate is a legend at P.S. 38, where he and friends Francis, Teddy, Dee Dee, Chad, and others manage to make sixth grade interesting with all kinds of pranks, drama, sports, and good times. The all-time leader in detentions, Nate is never far from the spotlight, whether it's for a freak injury on the soccer field, Halloween costume fail, or stirring up a new episode in his long-running rivalry with grade-grubbing Gina or his teacher nemesis, Mrs. Godfrey. This new collection of Big Nate comics from Lincoln Peirce includes over 170 full-color comics and abundant laughs for the whole family.
Animal Rescue Friends: Learning New Tricks
Andrews McMeel Publishing
Animal Rescue Friends: Learning New Tricks €12,95
Join Bell, Maddie, Noah, and the rest of the Animal Rescue Friends as they learn to love an affectionate rat named Whiskers, find Sergio the tortoise a forever home that's just his speed, fall for the antics of a chatty parrot with a familiar name, and more! Along the way, they make a few new friends and learn that everyone-even insects-can sometimes use a helping hand.
Pokemon: Underwater Mission - 2 Graphic Adventures
Graphix Chapters
Pokemon: Underwater Mission - 2 Graphic Adventures €8,95
The adventure and humor of the Pokemon animated TV series springs to life in this full-color comics collection! This book includes two full-color graphic stories. The Search for Kingdra: Ash, Goh, and their Pokemon pals explore under the sea on a trial mission for Project Mew. Can Goh catch a wild Kingdra? Team Rocket In Luck: After one loss too many, Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet go on a wild chase after Pelipper. Will their bad luck ever improve? With tons of art on every page from the animated show streaming on Netflix, this graphic novel is the perfect format for Pokemon fans.
Ghost Rider Volume. 3: Dragged Out Of Hell
Marvel Comics
Ghost Rider Volume. 3: Dragged Out Of Hell €10,95
Hellfire and Danny Ketch! The F.B.I. has cast out Johnny Blaze and Talia Warroad, maybe because they're too destructive and unmanageable - or maybe because corruption reaches inside the very institution meant to protect us! As Johnny and Talia head to Savannah to investigate a necropolis, old friends and new foes appear on the horizon. A fresh chapter of horror begins for the Ghost Rider - and Danny Ketch is roaring up in the rearview mirror! But both Danny and Johnny have changed significantly, and they'll hardly recognize one another as their paths converge to war! Who is behind Danny's mindless carnage? And can Johnny and Talia save him before he destroys himself and many others? Plus: Ghost Rider shares a haunting team-up with South Korean hero Taegukgi! And what deadly threat links Johnny, Danny and Robbie Reyes? Collecting GHOST RIDER (2022) #11-16.
Alan Moore's Neonomicon Collected TPB - Seventh Printing
Avatar Press Inc.
Alan Moore's Neonomicon Collected TPB - Seventh Printing €10,95
The path to Providence begins here! Collecting THE COURTYARD and NEONOMICON, the epic tome has all of the stories that lead into PROVIDENCE! Comic book legend Alan Moore and brilliant artist Jacen Burrows deliver a chilling tale of Lovecraftian horror! Brears and Lamper, two young and cocky FBI agents, investigate a fresh series of ritual murders somehow tied to the final undercover assignment of Aldo Sax -the once golden boy of the Bureau, now a convicted killer and inmate of a maximum security prison. From their interrogation of Sax (where he spoke exclusively in inhuman tongues) to a related drug raid on a seedy rock club rife with arcane symbols and otherworldly lyrics, they suspect that they are on the trail of something awful but nothing can prepare them for the creeping insanity and unspeakable terrors they will face in the small harbor town of Innsmouth. MATURE READERS
Harley Quinn And The Birds Of Prey: The Hunt For Harley TPB
DC Comics
Harley Quinn And The Birds Of Prey: The Hunt For Harley TPB €8,95
Harley Quinn has avoided Gotham City since breaking up with The Joker and moving to Coney Island. But when she gets an offer she can't refuse, she has no choice but to slip back into the city as quietly as she can... which isn't quiet enough. Now The Joker has sicced every super-villain in the city on her pretty ombr head, and the only team tough (or crazy) enough to come to her rescue is the Birds of Prey! Collects Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey #1-4. MATURE READERS
BRZRKR TPB Volume 03
Boom! Studios
BRZRKR TPB Volume 03 €8,95
Uncover the ancient mysteries of our anti-hero's origins and his final fate! As B.'s full fury is unleashed, a new discovery promises to bring the answers he's been seeking for centuries. But as the team travels to finally uncover the mysteries of B.'s birth, is he finally near the end of his fatal goal, or will his violent efforts be in vain? Written by the iconic Keanu Reeves and New York Times bestselling writer Matt Kindt (Folklords, Grass Kings), and illustrated by acclaimed artist Ron Garney (Wolverine, Captain America), the final epically brutal chapter unfolds, soon to be adapted for Netflix! Collects BRZRKR #9-12. MATURE READERS
Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch Epic Collection: Vengeance Reborn
Marvel Comics
Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch Epic Collection: Vengeance Reborn €23,95
The introduction of fan-favorite character Danny Ketch, who becomes the second Ghost Rider! A new era for the Spirit of Vengeance! Danny Ketch becomes the new Ghost Rider — and rides flaming head-first into a gang war between the Kingpin and his conjuring competitor, Deathwatch! Danny’s baptism of fire continues with the bite of Blackout, the mania of Mr. Hyde and the horror of the Scarecrow! But when Ghost Rider enters the realm of Nightmare, it kicks off a supernatural adventure that pits him against Doctor Strange! Plus: The gritty new Ghost Rider makes his presence felt across the Marvel Universe — meeting X-Factor, crossing paths with Moon Knight, taking on the fanatical Flag-Smasher with the Punisher, and dealing out vengeance to a gang of killers alongside Wolverine! COLLECTING: Ghost Rider (1990) 1-12; Marc Spector: Moon Knight (1989) 25; Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme (1988) 28; material from Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 64-71
Behold, Behemoth TPB
Boom! Studios
Behold, Behemoth TPB €9,95
Greyson's world crumbles following his brother's mysterious death, with sleepless nights haunted by vivid nightmares of a terrifying monster, pushing him to the brink of losing not just his job as a social worker, but his mind. Soon his newest case-an orphaned girl named Wren-is found at the scene of a murder, and her connection to his dreams will send them both on a journey that Greyson could have never imagined, especially not their role in the end of the world and the world to come-a world of monsters. Eisner Award-nominated and bestselling author Tate Brombal (House of Slaughter) debuts his first original series alongside red hot artist Nick Robles (The Dreaming: Waking Hours). Collects Behold, Behemoth #1-5.
Sin City TP Vol. 1: The Hard Goodbye
Dark Horse Comics
Sin City TP Vol. 1: The Hard Goodbye €4,95
The first volume of the crime-comic megahit that introduced the now-infamous Marv and spawned a blockbuster film returns in a newly redesigned edition, with a brand-new cover by Frank Miller-some of his first comics art in years! It's a lousy room in a lousy part of a lousy town. But Marv doesn't care. There's an angel in the room. She says her name is Goldie. A few hours later, Goldie's dead without a mark on her perfect body, and the cops are coming before anyone but Marv could know she's been killed. Somebody paid good money for this frame . . . With a new look generating more excitement than ever before, this third edition is the perfect way to attract a whole new generation of readers to Frank Miller's masterpiece!
The Vampire Slayer TPB Volume 02
Boom! Studios
The Vampire Slayer TPB Volume 02 €8,95
WILLOWVERSE continues as Buffy still struggles with her powerless predicament, feeling envy and frustration as her sense of purpose is lost with the existence of the new Slayer. But there are more pressing problems... Both separately and together, the gang will face strange and monstrous enemies, including a restaurant-owning demon with hunger for human bodies, and an even more menacing demon with a speciality in feasting on Slayers! Will Buffy be able to escape from her web without help? Writer Sarah Gailey (Eat the Rich) along with artists Sonia Liao (A Spark Within the Forge) and Claudia Balboni (Fairlady) continue the journey of a new Vampire Slayer! Collects The Vampire Slayer #5-8.
Sold out
Transformers Volume 05 Horrors Near & Far - Hardcover
IDW Publishing
Transformers Volume 05 Horrors Near & Far - Hardcover €46,95
The bold new vision of the Transformers universe continues! The war that will define Cybertron sees Autobots and Decepticons alike face challenges like never before. The war grows desperate for Optimus Prime's Autobots. With Energon and morale running low, they seize on a dangerous plan to boost Jumpstream's teleportation abilities. Meanwhile, Bumblebee enters a criminal alliance and Megatron learns that his former mentor holds an artifact that could be the key to the Decepticons' victory. Next, when a criminal group known as Mayhem threatens the Speedia 500, the biggest race in the universe, the Wreckers-a covert ops squad-show up to keep the peace. But can they maintain their covers in front of the cameras? Then, the fall of the tether that anchored Cybertron's moon was a critical step on the road to war, and the ancient Titan Vigilem caused it. Now the only other active Titan, Lodestar, and her cityspeaker, Lightbright, must hunt him down! And finally, when Starscream follows rumors of a disembodied spark in the desert, what he finds will horrify and rattle him to his core! Collects Transformers #31-36, Transformers: Wreckers: Tread and Circuits #1-4, the Transformers 2021 Annual, and the 2021 Transformers Halloween Special.
Everything Is Super Vol 01
Birdcage Bottom Books
Everything Is Super Vol 01 €7,95
(W) Captain Rottsteak (A/CA) Captain Rottsteak Everything is Super follows the misadventures of Lloyd the Human Hemorrhoid Herman as he stumbles through contemporary life in a dead end, backwater superhero town. Volume one collects issues one through four. Recommended for mature audiences. In Shops: Oct 20, 2021
Spawn Origins Tp Vol 03 (jul090364)
Image Comics
Spawn Origins Trade Paperback Vol 03 €7,95
(W) Todd McFarlane, Grant Morrison, Tom Orzechowski, Andrew Grossberg (A) Todd McFarlane (A/CA) Greg Capullo With Spawn, legendary writer and artist Todd McFarlane unleashed his iconic antihero on the world, and launched the most successful independent comic book in history. Reprinting Spawn #15-20, Spawn: Origins Volume 3 includes stories penned by Grant Morrison, and introduces unforgettable, all-new characters. In Shops: Dec 02, 2009
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin II: Re-Evolution (2024) #1 Second Printing
IDW Publishing
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin II: Re-Evolution (2024) #1 Second Printing €8,95
More than a decade after the Last Ronin defeated the Foot Clan, New York City finds itself in a state of steady decline. Now, the disparate gangs vie for economic and political control and that the chaos is taking its toll. It's clear to Casey Marie that if something isn't done soon, the city she knows and loves will be lost forever. So, whether they're ready or not, she and her young pupils must raise a new coalition and lead the charge to keep the peace. Witness the rise of the next generation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as they fight to restore peace to the streets they live below! Legendary TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman proudly presents the next epic chapter of The Last Ronin, reassembling the acclaimed creative team from the original monster bestseller for a second oversized, prestige format miniseries event! MATURE READERS
How I Met My Soulmate Volume 2
Kodansha Comics
How I Met My Soulmate Volume 2 €12,95
From the creator of Waiting for Spring comes a new college romance that meditates on just what destiny means, and whether "the one" is really out there. Yuki is a 20-year-old college sophomore who has wished for one thing since moving to Tokyo: to find her soulmate. Growing a bit desperate after a long drought, she goes along with a friend to a club for the first time. Her friend thrives, but it's chaotic and loud... just not Yuki's scene. Just when Yuki begins to despair that she'll ever find a real, adult relationship, she meets Iori, a man with bleached hair and a slightly scary demeanor... but first impressions don't always tell the whole story. Could destiny still have more cards to play?
Limited Collectors' Edition (1972) #C-51B Facsimile Edition Limited Collectors' Edition (1972) #C-51B Facsimile Edition
DC Comics
Limited Collectors' Edition (1972) #C-51B Facsimile Edition €18,95
Presenting 76 pages of epic adventure starring the Dark Knight Detective in an equally epic giant-size (10 x 13) format! This full facsimile reprinting of the iconic Bronze Age tabloid-size comic features a wraparound cover by Neal Adams and collects the Ra's al Ghul saga Neal (and Irv Novick) produced with Denny O'Neil (Batman #232, #242-244).
Knight Terrors: Knockturnal Creatures Hardcover
DC Comics
Knight Terrors: Knockturnal Creatures Hardcover €37,95
Written by Tini Howard, G. Willow Wilson, Matthew Rosenberg, Danny Lore, Dennis Culver, and Leah Williams Art by Hayden Sherman, Atagun Ilhan, Stefano Raffaele, Lucas Meyer, David Baldeon, and Others In Knight Terrors, DC's heroes and villains are engulfed in their own dark and twisted nightmares by new villain Insomnia and his Sleepless Knights. This frightening companion collection reveals the bleakest horrors in the minds of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, The Joker, Punchline, and Zatanna! Enter the Harley Quinn Zone as Harley is confronted with the surreal and unsettling consequences of her choices! It's a suburban nightmare as Poison Ivy wakes up in the life that she never wanted! The Joker's worst fear becomes a reality: he's got a day job! Punchline confronts her long-suppressed fears in true horror-movie fashion! And Zatanna teams with Robotman of the Doom Patrol to defend the world from Insomnia's Sleepless Knights! Collects Knight Terrors: Harley Quinn #1-2, Knight Terrors: Poison Ivy #1-2, Knight Terrors: The Joker #1-2, Knight Terrors: Punchline #1-2, and Knight Terrors: Zatanna #1-2.
Justice Society Of America (2022) Hardcover Volume 01 The New Golden Age Direct Market Exclusive Variant Edition
DC Comics
Justice Society Of America (2022) Hardcover Volume 01 The New Golden Age Direct Market Exclusive Variant Edition €23,95
Art by Mikel Janin, Marco Santucci, Jerry Ordway, and Others The Justice Society of America is back, and the New Golden Age begins! The world's first and greatest superheroes return...or do they? A mysterious and malevolent enemy has invaded the entire history of the JSA, and an all-new team must come together to defeat it. But when the Huntress and the JSA team up with Stargirl and the lost children, how will they handle coming face-to-face with sidekicks they didn't realize existed?! Can the two groups come together and find their rhythm, or will it be curtains for both? What happens here has massive ramifications for the next stage of the New Golden Age! Comics legend Geoff Johns returns to DC's original superhero team in this new series. Collects The New Golden Age #1 and Justice Society of America #1-7.
Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three
DC Comics
Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three €18,95
Alan Burnett and Paul Dini return once more to the world of Batman: The Animated Series! Someone is targeting the Muscle now that he's locked up in Blackgate Penitentiary. With his deep ties to the criminal underbelly of Gotham, the worst villains are calling for his head before he turns them over to the police! Batman will need to protect him, but can even the Dark Knight figure out where the next attack will come from? Collects #1-7!
Batman And Robin By Peter J. Tomasi And Patrick Gleason Book 01
DC Comics
Batman And Robin By Peter J. Tomasi And Patrick Gleason Book 01 €37,95
Bruce Wayne and his son Damian team in a new collection of beloved stories from writer Peter Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason! Soon to make his big-screen debut, Damian Wayne is the child of Bruce Wayne and his enemy Talia al Ghul—who was trained from birth to be an assassin but instead joined his father’s crusade against crime! In these formative Damian stories, he learns a new path by fighting alongside the Dark Knight! Good and evil. Triumph and tragedy. Death and rebirth. This is Batman and Robin as you’ve never seen them before. Writer Peter Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason’s bestselling Batman & Robin stories return in the first volume of this new collection! This first oversize softcover collects Batman and Robin (vol. 1) #20-22 and Batman and Robin (vol. 2) #0-14.
Alice Ever After TPB
Boom! Studios
Alice Ever After TPB €15,95
Alice first visited Wonderland as a child. Now an adult, it's her only escape from her cold, strange reality. But to go back, Alice needs something stronger than mushrooms... After continuing down a terrible path, Alice is committed to the dreaded asylum. Will Alice ultimately escape from her uncaring family and childhood trauma in Wonderland, or face her demons in reality? Return to Wonderland in this dark sequel by superstar artist and writer Dan Panosian (An Unkindness of Ravens, Canary) and artist Giorgio Spalletta (Red Sonja: Black, White, Red), perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman's Snow, Glass, Apples, and Mirka Andolfo's Mercy and Fables. Collects Alice Ever After #1-5.
Batman: Three Jokers TP
DC Comics
Batman: Three Jokers TP €10,95
Who are the three jokers? Batman doesn't understand how or why, but the fact is certain: the man he has spent a lifetime chasing isn't one man at all. There are three Jokers. Now that he knows the unbelievable truth, Bruce needs real answers. Joined by Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd, two former victims of the Joker's brutality, the Dark Knight is finally on a path to defeat the madman once and for all. Every last one of him. Geoff Johns (Doomsday Clock, Batman: Earth One) and Jason Fabok (Justice League: The Darkseid War) reunite to present one of the most highly anticipated comics events in years! Collects Batman: Three Jokers #1-3.
Warlands: Darklyte Vol. 01 Trade Paperback
Image Comics
Warlands: Darklyte Vol. 01 Trade Paperback €3,95
Welcome to Warlands. A fantasy world of Myth and Magic set against the backdrop of a world in the grip of a global-scale war against the Vampire Hordes of Datara. Bent on the conquest of the entire realm, Malagen the Black, Kahn of Datara, embarks on an unholy war to obtain the legendary Darklyte armor, an artifact fabled to the nexus of all manner of magical energy. Join our heroes in the ashes of their ruined homeland as they struggle against the dark to save their world from total annihilation.
Sojourn TP Vol. 1: From The Ashes - Traveler Edition
Sojourn TP Vol. 1: From The Ashes - Traveler Edition from €2,95
Hundreds of years ago, the Five Lands joined together to end the tyranny of Mordath.  Now a mysterious force has brought him back from the dead, this time with magic powers.  With a troll army at his back, Mordath soon puts the Five Lands under his heel.  He is the unchallenged master of the world.  Only one woman has eluded his iron grip... and with that one woman rests the sole hope of ending Mordath's reign of terror!
Ultimate X-Men TP Vol. 3: World Tour
Marvel Comics
Ultimate X-Men TP Vol. 3: World Tour from €4,95
To win humanity's trust, The X-Men take their first-ever, world-spanning field trip - and face Professor X's greatest secret! Collecting ULTIMATE X-MEN #13 - #20! "ULTIMATE X-MEN has that dark edge that only Mark Millar's best Authority stories once enjoyed." -Comics International
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