The following information has been provided to us from all of our Comic Distributors:

"Please be advised that there is no guarantee that the comics received should register at any specific professional grading level. Small rolls, minor spine ticks and other very small cosmetic blemishes or printer issues are NOT going to be grounds for credit or replacement."

Black Dragon Comics is not a Professional grading service.

We do not guarantee that your comic will register at a any specific professional grading level.

All comics that we receive from our distributors are new comics. ALL of these will be considered New or Near Mint.

Any back issues that we receive and we make available for sale will have one of the following Conditions listed:

Very Fine
Very Good

Again, these conditions are not a guarantee they will register at these grading levels. This information is provided to give you an idea of the condition of the comic before you make your purchase.

Our pricing is non-negotiable.

For more information on how a comic is graded, please visit:

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