Subscriptions & Pre-Orders

We have officially launched our New Subscription and Pre-Order process.

We are no longer doing pre-paid subscriptions. You no longer have to pre-pay for Pre-Orders.

In order to subscribe to a series or place a pre-order you do have to create an account with us. If you have ordered from us in the past you probably already have an account setup.

For subscriptions, we are giving you control over which titles you want to subscribe to. You can add and remove comics up to the FOC date. FOC stands for Final Order Cutoff. It is the last day that we are able to place an order to the distributor.

You can subscribe to Comics and Magazines. You can also subscribe to graphic novels or the collected trade paperback.

When you setup your subscription you will need to choose how frequently you want to receive a shipment. We have it set to Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly.

All of the information provided under Subscriptions and Pre-Orders is provided by our Distributors. Any changes they make to their database will show on here.

If you subscribe or pre-ordered an item, you can see the estimated ship date under your account.

All the information is pulled from the distributor's database. We do not have access to modify that database. We know that there are errors.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us at

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