A Letter From Boom! Studios

A Letter From Boom! Studios

We just received a Retailer Advisory letter that is concerning Boom! Studios release schedule for the remainder of the year. It looks like some titles will be pushed back for titles that require a larger amount of printing.

We didn't receive a letter, but had heard that Image Comics is not going to be offering 2nd or 3rd printings of their titles until further notice.

Here is the full letter from Boom! Studios:

Dear Retail Partners,

As you know, many industries, including publishing, are currently facing massive global supply chain disruptions. Publishers are currently grappling with paper supply shortages, labor shortages, transportation delays, and port congestion to name a few of the challenges in delivering new products to you on our intended schedule. These challenges are compounded in many cases by increased demand from customers. We're grateful for the amazing support from our retail partners and their patrons, but the challenges we're facing are industry-wide and not ones from which BOOM! Studios is immune.

We know that one of the biggest points of stress, frustration, and anxiety as a small business owner is uncertainty. As your best partner, we want to provide you with the clarity you need to run your business smoothly and take care of your customers.

With that in mind, we're sharing with you our updated release schedule through the end of 2021. We've worked hard with our print partners, freight forwarders, and distributors to ensure a release schedule you can count on. And while individual items have shifted from their original release dates, we've endeavored to create a release schedule that remains balanced and consistent, however some compromises had to be made to accommodate some high volume releases.

While we don't anticipate this release schedule changing further, we also know that the supply chain challenges are unlikely to go away anytime soon and we may encounter new unanticipated ones. If that happens, we'll update you on their impact as quickly as we can. Likewise, we expect to be dealing with these challenges well into 2022, but by working together and communicating clearly, we're certain we can continue the incredible momentum and success we've built together throughout 2021.


Filip Sablik
President, Publishing & Marketing
And your partners at BOOM! Studios

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