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Green Lantern, Vol. 4 #5 Feeding Frenzy Release: Nov 2005 Cover: Nov 2005 DC Comics Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes Modern Age | Color | USA | English The Shark is back, and he's feeding off of everything he can. He has also been tagged with some kind of marker, as though he's a subject in an experiment in evolution. Creators: Writer Geoff Johns Penciller Ethan Van Sciver Inker Prentis Rollins Colorist Bill 'Moose' Baumann Letterer Rob Leigh Cover Artist Ethan Van Sciver Cover Colorist Peter Steigerwald Editor Peter J. Tomasi Characters: Jonathan Stone Black Hand (William Hand) Shark Hector Hammond Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Jillian 'Cowgirl' Pearlman Shane 'Rocket Man' Sellers