Action Comics (1938) #1060


Action Comics (1938) #1060

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Writer: Various

Artist: Various

Cover Artist: Steve Beach

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Nicole Maines, Steve Orlando, And Joe Casey

Art by Eddy Barrows, Fico Ossio, and Dan McDaid

A mistake from Superman's past has returned, and Metropolis hangs in the balance!

As the super-family is betrayed from within and stripped of their powers one by one, Superman sets out on a suicide mission into the Multiverse alongside the unlikeliest of allies: Constantine, the demon Etrigan, and--making his return to Action Comics--Bloodwynd!

Plus: During Beast World in Metropolis, Dreamer has a run-in with life-changing consequences, and Zod's son begins to suspect New Kandor isn't as peaceful as it seems in the prelude to Kneel Before Zod #1!

Key Facts:

  • Back-up story is a prelude to the upcoming series Kneel Before Zod

Release Date:

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