That depends on when you subscribe. We do our best to post a date you need to subscribe by in order to start with issue #1. However, if you subscribe later than that issue and we still have copies of issue #1 we will contact you to ask you if you want to start with the next issue or start with what is currently available.
We will setup your subscription, and then send you an email with the exact issue start date.
Majority of the time we will ship the comics in a BCW Comic Book Shipper Box that we pack to prevent the book from sliding. You may even get a promotional item for free.
Yes. Please just provide us the name and address you want the issues to be shipped to.
Fill out the contact us form and let us know what the title is you want to subscribe to. We will setup a subscription and then email you a link when it is setup.
If the comic is NOT in Near Mint Condition, we will create a drop down of what the conditions are available. If there isn't a drop down that means it is in NEAR MINT.
Yes, we ship to Canada and Mexico. If you are outside those areas please message us and we might be able to make an exception.