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Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman ARTFX J 1:8 Scale Statue - ReRun

UGC DEC208488
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€115,95 - €115,95
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From Kotobukiya. The Kotobukiya ARTFX J series charges forward! From the popular anime series Attack on Titan, the main heroine of the series, Mikasa Ackerman, joins the ARTFX J lineup in an all-new renewal package variant! Mikasa's vertical maneuvering equipment has been sculpted in such fine detail that each component keeps the essence of its machine-like look. In addition, every element of the large tree that serves as the base of the figure has also been finely sculpted: from the patterns of the bark to slash marks left across the trunk itself. This figure features a removable cape, so it is possible to display this figure in two different styles.