Our customers receive a discount based on the number of Subscriptions AND/OR Pre-Orders! All titles and items count towards your discount tier.

Discount Tiers:

1 - 5 items: 5%

6 - 10 items: 10%

11 - 15 items: 15%

16 - 20 items: 20%

21 - 25 items: 25%

26 - 30 items: 30%

31+ items: 35%

When Are Discounts Calculated?

When an issue is released, it is added to your open shipment at your current discount. If your discount changes after the issue is released, the change will not affect the items that are already in your shipment.

Maximum Discounts

Occasionally, some items will be subject to a maximum discount. This is most common for premium signed covers by Dynamic Forces, CGC-Graded Books and Ration Variant Covers. You will be notified of the pricing and discounts when we receive your pre-order request. You will have to approve the pricing of the pre-order before we place the pre-order.


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