1. Do you offer Free Shipping?

A: Yes we do offer Free Shipping. Free Shipping is available on orders placed within the Unites States of America, and only on orders that are $75 or more.

2. If I purchase a comic, will it come with a bag and board?

A: Yes, all comics will come sleeved in a bag and board. We do not bag and board magazines.

3. Do you offer subscriptions?

A: Yes we do. Once you sign up for an account, please use the Contact Us form. In the "Query" let us know which titles you would like us to pull for you. Also, be sure to let us know if you want them shipped when they arrive, or shipped on the last Thursday of the month. When you subscribe to a title, we will begin pulling the title the next time we receive it. We only charge when we ship the items to you.

4. If I subscribe to a title will I get a discount?

A: Yes you will. We treat all subscriptions like Pre-Orders. You will receive a 35% discount for any titles you have subscribed to from us.

5. How do Pre-orders work?

A: Pre-Orders are items that are typically available 2 months in advance. You would add them to your shopping cart just like any other item. We do capture the payment at the time of your Pre-Order and will ship it on it's release date. All items have a release date. If the release date changes we will update you as soon as we are notified of the change. If the item is cancelled or will not be released we will cancel your order and your card will receive a refund.

6. What are comic book ages/eras?

A: Throughout the history of comics different events have happend that caused a shift in comics and how they are created. Traditionally there are 4 ages of comics: Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, Modern Age or Current Age.

  • Modern Age (1985 - Present)
  • Bronze Age (1970 - 1984)
  • Silver Age (1956 - 1969)
  • Golden Age (1938 - 1955)
  • Platinum Age (1897 - 1937)
  • Victorian Age (1842 - 1896)