1. Do you offer Free Shipping?

A: Yes we do offer Free Shipping. Free Shipping is available on orders placed within the Unites States of America, and only on orders that are $75 or more.

2. If I purchase a comic, will it come with a bag and board?

A: Yes, all comics will come sleeved in a bag and board. We do not bag and board magazines.

3. Do you offer subscriptions?

A: Yes we do. Once you sign up for an account, please use the Contact Us form. In the "Query" let us know which titles you would like us to pull for you. Also, be sure to let us know if you want them shipped when they arrive, or shipped on the last Thursday of the month. When you subscribe to a title, we will begin pulling the title the next time we receive it. We only charge when we ship the items to you.

4. If I subscribe to a title will I get a discount?

A: Yes you will. We treat all subscriptions like Pre-Orders. You will receive a 35% discount for any titles you have subscribed to from us.

5. What is the difference between Comics and Back Issues?

A: Our Comics Department is intend to be for all new and active titles that we have received within the last 6 months. Back Issues are any comics that we have in-stock that were releases 6 months ago or longer.