Update: 12/1/2022

Update: 12/1/2022

Quick store updates:

  • New series titles/volumes update. Going forward we will no longer be putting Volume in the title. Instead we will put the year the series started.
    • Superman Vol. 7 #1
    • Superman (2023) #1
  • Pre-Orders: All pre-orders will be under our Subscription tab on the website. We will no longer be taking money upfront for Pre-Orders. Instead, you will receive an invoice via email when your item arrives. Please make payments within 30 days of receiving the invoice


  • Subscriptions and discounts
    • If you are subscribed to any series, you will receive a discount. The discount will only be available to you in the email with your invoice.
    • If you pay for the comics that are listed on line and not the ones in your email, you will not receive your subscription discount. Also, we will not know that you paid for your subscription which could impact your future subscription issues.
    • If we have not received payment for your subscriptions within 3 months, we will automatically cancel your subscription, and you will be blocked from placing any future subscriptions or pre-orders.
    • The more comics you subscribe to, the bigger your discount!
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