Batman (2016) #138
DC Comics
Batman (2016) #138 €4,95
THE GOTHAM WAR CONTINUES! Batman is on the ropes as the Gotham War heats up following a shocking betrayal! It's father versus son, teacher versus student in the knockout fourth chapter of this brutal war. But who is really pulling the strings in this explosive event? Thousands of years have led to this moment!
Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic (2023) #3
DC Comics
Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic (2023) #3 €4,95
In the darkness beyond, a looming threat waits. Behold: the Court of Owls! But who do they seek and why? After escaping the wrath of Killer Croc, Batman comes face-to-beak with the most terrifying Court to ever exist. But in order to get the answers he seeks, he must be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Can Batman act against his mission to protect? All this, and the truth behind the magic is revealed.
Knight Terrors: Detective Comics (2023) #2
DC Comics
Knight Terrors: Detective Comics (2023) #2 €4,95
WAKE UP, JIM GORDON! After seeing diamonds violently pour out of a woman's mouth and the metal of his old Batman robo-suit soldered onto someone's flesh to wear around Gotham...Jim Gordon slowly realizes that the good people of Gotham being represented by monstrous ideations of power, wealth, and knowledge...aren't very good people at all. Jim's investigation leads him to a mysterious clock, and he goes to Oracle for help to trace who or what is causing this nightmare...but whether he is able to wake up from it at all will be up to more than just himself.
Detective Comics (1937) #1071
DC Comics
Detective Comics (1937) #1071 €4,95
Shoes a.k.a Cheshire Cat continues to prowl the tunnels of Gotham looking for answers of her past, and when she runs into a horde of Azmer underneath the city... she makes an unlikely friend who was born on a Monday. Meanwhile, the Orgham's long running ties with the League of Assassins is revealed by Talia Al Ghul, and the truths of their relationship affects both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Then, in the backup, Mr. Freeze continues his interrogation of Dr. Mead (or as he calls it, his research) regarding how to fix Nora so that she'll return to him as Mrs. Fries and love him again.
Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo (2022) #7
DC Comics
Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo (2022) #7 €5,95
Batman and the Joker have fought across streets, rooftops, railways and caverns, against horrors beyond of their wildest nightmares. Deep underground, witnesses to an undead wedding from Hell, they finally go up against their bitterest enemies: each other! Can the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime save Commissioner Gordon and Harley Quinn, or will the flames of their reignited rivalry consume all? Find out, detail by bloody detail, in the epic conclusion to Marc Silvestri's dark and brutal Gotham opus. This oversized finale clocks in at 31 beautiful and horrifying story pages. MATURE READERS
Batman/Superman: World's Finest Annual (2024) #1
DC Comics
Batman/Superman: World's Finest Annual (2024) #1 €4,95
Written by Mark Waid, Cullen Bunn, Stephanie Williams, Dennis Culver, and Christopher Cantwell Art by Edwin Galmon, Rosi Kampe, Travis Mercer, and Jorge Fornes IT'S THE WORLD'S FINEST ANNUAL! As the battle against Magog rages on Earth-22, Batman and Superman discover a surprising secret by way of the 5th dimension! Meanwhile, Metamorpho's story picks up after the events of the Elementary arc as our hero journeys deep within an ancient tomb that may have a hidden, deadly connection to his secret origin! Plus, Batman recruits the Challengers of the Unknown for a top-secret mission, and a special, sizzling story stars the Teen Titans' most buzzworthy member, Bumblebee! It's a world tour of the World's Finest in this first-ever series annual, curated by World's Finest architect Mark Waid!
The Return Of Superman 30th Anniversary Special (2023) #1 The Return Of Superman 30th Anniversary Special (2023) #1
DC Comics
The Return Of Superman 30th Anniversary Special (2023) #1 €8,95
Written by Dan Jurgens, Louise Simonson, Jerry Ordway, and Karl Kesel Art by Travis Moore, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, Jon Bogdanove, Butch Guice, Tom Grummett, and Doug Hazlewood ORIGINAL CREATIVE TEAMS RETURN FOR NEW STORIES STARRING SUPERBOY, STEEL, THE ERADICATOR AND CYBORG SUPERMAN! Superman returns! After the tragic events of more than 30 years ago, when Superman met his end at the hands of Doomsday, Metropolis mourned the loss of their greatest hero and soon turned their attention to the search for his successor. Four Supermen rose to the challenge: Superboy, Steel, Eradicator, and Cyborg Superman. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses, they fought in honor of the original Man of Steel. Little did they know, his return was just around the corner! To celebrate the Reign of the Supermen and Return of Superman, DC has brought back the original creative teams for new stories set in the wake of Superman's death. It all begins with new Daily Planet editor-in-chief Lois Lane discovering Perry White's journals from the time and the secrets he kept as he searched for who could be the next Superman. What could this discovery mean for our present? Find out in this special that's sure to be a classic in the future!
Poison Ivy (2022) #14
DC Comics
Poison Ivy (2022) #14 €3,95
BACK IN GOTHAM CITY! As Poison Ivy investigates the inner workings of a strange new skyscraper in Gotham, she finds herself up to her neck in a surreal and slimy mystery. And at its center? A brand-new villain in the Poison Ivy pantheon of rogues! Janet-from-HR cheating on Ivy?!
Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker (2023) #2
DC Comics
Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker (2023) #2 €3,95
PROTECTING THE WAKING WORLD! Angel Breaker and Raptor are trapped in a Kobra Cult lab while the world sleeps. No one is coming to their rescue. Unable to trust even each other, they must now somehow protect teenagers from the horrific Nanny Gillo--a legendary slasher pulled directly from Angel Breaker's deepest, darkest fears.
Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman (2023) #2
DC Comics
Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman (2023) #2 €4,95
NO WAY OUT OF THE NIGHTMARE REALM! No way out! The Justice League Dark find themselves trapped in a labyrinth of horror as Wonder Woman grapples with her deepest fears and insecurities. Will the warrior of truth fall to the lies of the Nightmare Realm? Plus, Nubia takes on the lost souls of Tartarus to prove her worthiness as queen of the Amazons!
Knight Terrors: Superman (2023) #2
DC Comics
Knight Terrors: Superman (2023) #2 €4,95
SUPERMAN AND SUPERGIRL TEAM UP IN THE NIGHTMARE REALM! In the terrifying Nightmare Realm, Superman and Supergirl search for answers and the rest of their family, but Superman is pulled into a haunted part of Metropolis's past, where he learns more about Marilyn Moonlight! In the waking world, an unlikely DC superhero family works to save the world from the Sleepless Knights.
Knight Terrors (2023) #3C
DC Comics
Knight Terrors (2023) #3C €4,95
DEADMAN VS. DAMIAN! Welcome back, ghouls and ghosts! Deadman here--Boston Brand, again! My horror adventure continues as the Sleepless Knights attack us. But now I have a new problem: Batman's son Damian is furious and keeps trying to fight me! My only safe haven is...the House of Horror.
Guardians Of The Galaxy: Bane Of Blastaar (2023) #1
Marvel Comics
Guardians Of The Galaxy: Bane Of Blastaar (2023) #1 €3,95
Blastaar is back and has launched a new inquisition to take over the galaxy! The Guardians must act fast if they hope to stop him! But it looks like this found family is having problems of their own. Can the Guardians get it together before it?s too late? Don't miss out on this classic Guardians of the Galaxy tale! Rated T+
DCeased: War Of The Undead Gods (2022) #8
DC Comics
DCeased: War Of The Undead Gods (2022) #8 €4,95
The epic saga that began over three years ago reaches its final, cataclysmic conclusion! As worlds burn, heroes fall--can hope prevail? DCeased ends here…
Batman/Spawn (2022) #1D
DC Comics
Batman/Spawn (2022) #1D €5,95
Two dark heroes, cursed by tragedy, find their paths again crossing...but not by choice! What sinister foe is at work, pitting the Dark Knight against the Hellspawn? From the shadows of Gotham City to New York City, this epic event is the blockbuster you've been waiting almost two decades for!
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