Detective Comics Title Update

Detective Comics Title Update

We use the Inidicia to determine what the title of an issue is. We then use the Cover Date and UPC Code of the first issue to determine what year we will put at the end of the title.

Detective Comics has had multiple titles.

  • Detective Comics #1
    • Cover Date: January 1937
      • UPC Code: N/A
        • Series Title = Detective Comics (1937)
  • Detective Comics #1
    • Cover Date: November 2011
      • UPC Code: 761941306469-00111
        • Series UPC: 761941306469
        • Series Title: Detective Comics (2011)
  • Detective Comics #934
    • Cover Date: August 2016
      • UPC Code: 761941343730-93411
        • Series UPC: 761941343730
        • Series Title: Detective Comics (2016)

As we receive comics with the various series UPC codes we will be updating the titles accordingly.

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