Subscription/Pre-order Update

In the past we had to collect payment upfront for Pre-Orders and our old subscription service was a Pre-paid subscription service. This was because of how Shopify collects payments for orders. We now have a whole new way to handle both Pre-Orders and Subscriptions.

List of Major Changes

  1. We no longer collect payment upfront
  2. You have can add or remove items from your list under your account
  3. You can decide how frequently you would like to receive shipments. (Options are Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly)
  4. You can subscribe to Comics, Magazines AND Graphic Novels/Trade Paperbacks
  5. The product information pulled for Pre-Orders is directly from the distributor including their estimated ship date.
  6. You can Now Pre-Order and Subscribe to comics up until their F.O.C. Date (Final Order Cutoff Dates).

A Few Errors we are aware of:

  • Some Toys are saying they are a case and the price is really high.
    • This is because the information is pulled from the distributor and they are selling the items to the store by the Case
        • Option 1: You can add the item to your pre-order
          • We will get a notification that you want to pre-order the item. We will then update the price to be the correct price for the item BEFORE your discount is applied.
          • You would then Approve the pre-order.
        • Option 2: Use our contact us form or email and just message us the item you would like to pre-order. We will add it to your list on your behalf (YOU MUST HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH US TO PRE-ORDER OR SUBSCRIBE TO AN ITEM/SERIES

The "My Subscriptions" page is where all of the things related to your collecting will live.

You'll find your ongoing subscriptions, your Pre-Orders (one off things like a Hardcover or a T-Shirt), and your previously Pulled Orders.

My Subscriptions

This tab lists your subscriptions, the cover variant you are signed up for, and the next issue that is expected.  Clicking through to any item will bring you to the title page where you can find out shipping date and other information.

My Pulled Orders

This tab will show you orders that have been pulled for you in the past, along with the link to pay for your orders.

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