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Cancellations: 7/13/2022

Cancellations: 7/13/2022

Updated: 8:23PM

Updated: 10:25AM

We have been notified that the following items have been cancelled. We do not know if they will be offered again at a later date.

  • X-Men Legends #3
  • Thunderbolts #3
  • Hulk Vol. 6 #9
  • Hulk Vol. 6 #9 Predator Variant
  • Pop! The Lord Of The Rings - Bilbo Baggins
  • Pop! The Lord Of The Rings - Battle Eowyn
  • Pop! The Lord Of The Rings - Shelob 6-Inch Pop
  • Pop! Marvel: Morbius - Morbius Leeping
  • Pop! Marvel: Morbius - Morbius the living vampire
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