Shipping Schedule

When you place an order with us, it will typically get shipped out in 1 to 5 days.

Here are few reasons why your order might be delayed:

  • Release Date
    • Double check the items release date. If the release date is on or before the date you ordered then the below schedule will be the most accurate.
    • We are under contract not to ship any item before it's release date. So all orders that contain an item that has not been released yet, will be held until the release date.
  • Holiday
    • If the day you ordered an item is a Holiday it will be delayed until the next shipping day
  • Holiday Shopping Season (November - December)
    • We usually get a very high volume of orders in November and December and it is possible your order could be delayed during that shopping season.

Here is our typical shipping Schedule

  • Monday Orders
    • Shipped on Tuesday
  • Tusday Orders
    • Shipped on Wednesday
  • Wednesday Orders
    • Shipped on Thursday
  • Thursday Orders
    • Shipped on Friday
  • Friday Orders
    • Shipped on Monday
  • Saturday Orders
    • Shipped on Monday
  • Sunday Orders
    • Shipped on Tuesday
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